More and more evidence is pointing to STRESS as the major reason for infertility and miscarriage. Past emotional upset, fear and trauma is the most likely explanation. 

Harvard researcher, Dr. Herbert Benson in his book “Timeless Healing” THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, claims that up to 90% of medical complaints are mind related. Dr. Benson says a healer in conjunction with a caring doctor can effect a cure in 60% to 90% of medical complaints.I have worked passionately full time for 25 years with mind-body related medical complaints and I have found much evidence to support Dr. Benson’s claim. With some support from Russian GP and Eye surgeon Dr. Michael Izotov, I have created an effective programme which combines psychology and healing to cleanse the subconscious mind and release all stress from the body/organism. The body can now return to its natural chemical state so correcting the dysfunction of the interaction between the brain and the reproductive system, allowing the biological functions of the body to return to normal.

I have been curious about and fascinated by the power of the mind and psychosomatic conditions, not least in the areas of cancer, I.B.S. and infertility. The psychology and the healing energy factors are now being considered more seriously by discerning doctors. 

About me

Over the past 25 years I have studied the power of the mind and combined psychology and healing to great effect. I have has a strong healing energy and use Mind programming, NLP, Healing energy and psychotherapy in my powerful programme. I am recommended by doctors and therapists and I have helped pop stars, priests, politicians, people from all walks of life. I have a special interest in IBS and infertility and recurrent miscarriage and I also love healing animals. As a healer I can heal by telephone and I receive calls from all over the world.

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