In my lifetime more than one million miscarriages will occur in Ireland and included in that number are my own family’s losses. 

I remembered my mother saying it was God and nature at work.

However, after 25 years working as an online healing therapist and with respect to my mother, I believe that a specific healing approach would have ensured that the vast majority of those pregnancies would have continued to full term. 

The online transformational therapy programme I created with the help of Russian doctor Mikhail Izotov, combines psychology and healing and is designed to remove unresolved negative issues from the past which are residing in the subconscious mind.

These issues or negative energies are expressing themselves  and causing a biological dysfunction of the interaction between the brain and the reproduction system in the case of miscarriage.

These include negative emotions like anger, frustration, bitterness, guilt, shame, regret from past events like shock, bereavement, trauma, abuse, etc.

The programme is also effective with up to 90% of medical complaints ref; (Harvard University research) and may in part offer an explanation for spontaneous healings, the placebo effect or what some call miracle healings.

Invisible healings similar to those reported on the live healings soundtrack on my website Home Page are a common occurrence.

Harvard medical school researcher Dr. Herbert Benson in his book “Timeless Healing,  The biology of belief,” claims that up to to 90% of all medical complaints are mind- related.

Dr. Benson says a healer, in conjunction with a caring physician, can affect and cure 60% to 90% of all medical complaints.

In my therapy work over the years I witnessed much evidence to support Dr.Benson’s claim. 

I have a special interest in miscarriage, IBS, (irritable bowel syndrome) sick babies, healing animals and more.

 I’m passionate about teaching therapists and doctors my programme and all I have learned about healing so they in turn will reach out to many more around the country and further afield.

About me

Over the past 25 years I have studied the power of the mind and combined psychology and healing to great effect. I have has a strong healing energy and use Mind programming, NLP, Healing energy and psychotherapy in my powerful programme. I am recommended by doctors and therapists and I have helped pop stars, priests, politicians, people from all walks of life. I have a special interest in IBS and infertility and recurrent miscarriage and I also love healing animals. As a healer I can heal by telephone and I receive calls from all over the world.

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