YES, We are all healers and we heal ourselves and every session I have had over the past 25 years was about teaching the person how to become a more effective healer so as to heal himself. A lot of people think you have to be a 7th son of a 7th son. But that’s absolute nonsense. I used to think because my father had 7 brothers and 7 daughters that gave me the power to heal but as I say it’s nonsense. It was more my belief and my curiosity and my health issues that led me to be a healing therapist. To better understand it’s best to come online for a few sessions or attend my healing seminar. It’s also possible to buy my CD and learn from my wealth of experience with hundreds of healings. Visit my shop


Anyone can heal over the phone or internet with the right training and to better understand the answer to this question listen to Donald’s Healings on Radio Soundtrack.

You will hear me affecting powerful healings with people on radio stations around the country.

Drogheda based Doctor Harry Barry has been banging on for years about the need for the government to introduce online therapy via the HSE similar to the UK model.

I believe my Whole New World transformational Therapy On Line concept will revolutionise the way health care is practised in Ireland.

Broadcaster Neill Prenderville of CORK 96 FM said he was amazed by this phenomonen.


Harvard medical researcher for thirty years Doctor Herbert Benson wrote a book TIMELESS Healing (The Power and biology of belief) Dr Benson claims that a healer or caring physician can affect a cure in 60% to 90% of all medical complaints. I have been fascinated by this claim and have found I can in fact effect a cure with up to nine out of ten medical complaints, anxiety, behavioural complaints etc. I am always working with the person over a telephone line. Results to date with my special interest IBS and recurrent miscarriage are all but mind blowing and makes for interesting reading. In my lifetime as many as a million miscarriages will take place because the woman’s body is out of balance as a result of past trauma or stress. IBS the experts say, has no cure but we can be sure it’s psycho somatic because it’s a syndrome and not a disease. The high cure rate I have achieved with IBS to date (98%) is achieved when I combine healing energy with psychotherapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy and some diet changes.

Part of my future plan is to make a TV Documentary about the subject of Online Healing and to show how I learnt to combine psychology and healing therapies to form a new age Holistic approach to Health Happiness and Abundance.

About Donald Moore

Over the past 25 years I have studied the power of the mind and combined psychology and healing to great effect. I have has a strong healing energy and use Mind programming, NLP, Healing energy and psychotherapy in my powerful programme. I am recommended by doctors and therapists and I have helped pop stars, priests, politicians, people from all walks of life. I have a special interest in IBS and infertility and recurrent miscarriage and I also love healing animals. As a healer I can heal by telephone and I receive calls from all over the world.

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